A Heart as Big as the World (5) - Don Bartolo Zinelli's Book

“One day I was amusing myself at the window that gave on to the house of the Zinelli family opposite. Don Bartolo appeared on his side, and addressing me said: ‘Mr. Eugene, aren’t you afraid of wasting your time in idleness in this way at the window?’ – ‘Alas, sir,’ I replied,’ it is indeed a pity, but what can I do? You know I am a foreigner, and I haven’t any books at my disposition.’  That was the opening he wanted: ‘That’s no problem, my dear child, you see me here actually in my library, where there are many books in Latin, Italian, French even, if you want them.’


A Heart as Big as the World (4) - Exile Years

“We stayed in Nice for five months, then left for Turin on September 1791.”

“The College of Nobles where I was placed had just been entrusted to the Barnabite Fathers by King Victor Amadeus. These religious devoted themselves to giving a polished education to the children of the distinguished families entrusted to them. I was among the first to enter this college. “

“I stayed at the College just over three years. I studied properly, and was consistently at the top of my classes.”


A Heart as Big as the World (3) - French Revolution

In 1789, when he was six  years old, there was a national crisis.  A very cold winter, no job, people were angry, then, French Revolution began.

De Mazenod family went to exile (1791–1802) a migrant life from a halting place to another, from the north to south of Italy.  First to Nice (June 1791), then to Turin (May 1794), Venice (November 1797), Naples (January 1799), and  Palermo (May 1802).



A Heart as Big as the World (2) - Childhood Years

His family’s social position obliged it to have a large domestic staff: there were twelve in his father’s house, all anxious to serve him and anticipate his every desire.

His grandfather (Joannis), a man of outstanding piety, encouraged his good tendencies by letting him have, small child though he was, a sum to give away as alms. He was once seen giving away his coat to a little charcoal-burner who had none, and when he was corrected by someone affecting to draw a comparison between his position and that of the little charcoal-burner, he answered cheerily: “What of it? I will be a charcoal-burner president.”


A Heart as Big as the World (1) - Family Background

Eugène was born on August 1, 1782 in Aix-en-Provence, in a noble family of the Cours (now Cours Mirabeau).

His father’s family background:

His grandfather: Charles Alexander de Mazenod (1718-1795)  a lovable and cultivated man, had first served in the musketeers; when his health forbade him to continue in that service, he became President of the Court of Accounts of Provence.

His grandmother: Ursule Elisabeth Félicité de Laugier ( 1725-1782). Their children: Charles Antoine (1745-1820), Charles Ignace (1746-1753), Charles Hippolyte (1747-1759), Charles Fortuné (1749-1840). Charles Louis Eugène (1750-1835) and Marie-Anne (1752-1753)

His father: Charles Antoine de Mazenod (1745-1820), was also President in the same Court from 1771 until the dawn of the Revolution.


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Eugene de Mazenod

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