Father Antonius Sussanto, OMI, OMI Province of Indonesia’s Vocation Director and Socius at the OMI Novitiate "Blessed Joseph Gerard", is attending the workshop for the Pre-Novitiate Formators and Vocation Directors at the Centre International Eugene de Mazenod (CIEM), Aix-en-Provence , France. He is writing a note of his journey as a sharing of experience with Indonesian Oblates and lay people.




For next few days we are having new sessions on “Oblate Charism and Pre-novitiate Formation” conducted by Father Joseph LaBelle, OMI. He gave us a new method in attending the sessions. First, he will deliver his talk on a particular topic, then we will have a group discussion and followed by plenary. The main topic is “Selected Elements of the Oblate Charism within the Pre-novitiate”.


In the introductory, Fr. LaBellet mentioned some biblical quotations from the Gospel of Luke about discipleship. He said that in the first time of formation, the disciples of Jesus experience joy and hope, success and failure, well-known and ordinary, but God still continues to call new disciples. Some of them come to our door of Oblate formation with hesitation or question about Oblate consecrated life. Then formation begins with the awareness that formation means on-going transformation. Sometimes, we do not have enough required maturity from the candidates. Therefore the need and purpose of the state preparatory to the novitiate is necessary. In time of preparation, we allow, challenge and encourage the candidates to grow in maturity to live in the community while also deepening personal life towards God and his vocation.

In the second session Father Joseph exposed Jesus at the centre of Oblate formation. The formators help candidates to encounter with Jesus, experience Him, and then imitate Him. The candidates find Jesus in his daily life and formation program.

The reflective questions given by Fr. Joseph helped us not only to discuss but also to share the matters related to the life in the pre-novitiate. Personally, I was encouraged by this group sharing because we have so many similarities in carrying this pre-novitiate ministry. Pre-novitiate as a preparatory state is very important. It is the state of building up the strong foundation in religious life with all kind of elements.

In the evening, after supper, we had the opportunity to watch a movie on the story of St. Eugene de Mazenod. It accomplished our understanding on the life of our Founder.

(Written by Father Antonius Sussanto, OMI)

Eugene de Mazenod

Kemampuannya dalam pewartaan injil dan bakat kepemimpinannya dalam mengarahkan berbagai Misi merupakan tanda-tanda lahir hidup batin yang menjadikan Eugene de Mazenod sebagai penjala manusia.


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