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Father Carolus Adi Nugroho, OMI


The COVID-19 pandemic caused many activities to cease, including worship in the Catholic Church. Many Parishes hold Mass through Live Streaming, but for Parishes located in the inland areas of Indonesia that have not been reached by a good and adequate internet connection, the online Mass thus cannot be held either.

Parish of St. Peter and Andreas in Sepauk located in inland of West Borneo and being ministered by Missionaries of Oblate Mary Immaculate.  The Parish is still difficult to get an internet connection. Frequently, the internet signals need to be searched, sometimews even we have to climb a tree to get the signals!  Father Carolus Adi Nugroho, OMI who now works in the Parish tells of his busy life during the lockdown season in Sepauk:


"Due to internet signal difficulties, we cannot hold Online Mass. Right now, we only serve Marriage and Death Masses with strict health protocols and should only be attended by close relatives.

"The OMI Community in Sepauk consists of 3 Oblates: Father Jacques Chapuis, OMI, Father Robertus Heru Setyo Suhartono, OMI, and myself. We are all in good health. Father Jacques is not happy with the situation as he cannot visiting the parishioners.

"Actually, the corona outbreak is not very influential for Catholics in Sepauk, because even under ordinary circumstances, they can only celebrate Holy Mass once every 3 or 4 months when one of us comes to their places. We remain obedient to the Bishop's advice to not holding a Mass for a while.

"My daily activities are still busy. I am helping building a swallow house in 'Gupung Puyang Gana' the Oblate mission garden, take care of cows that we keep - and now have even given birth. Gardening by planting water spinach, cucumber, chili peppers, long beans, eggplants , and carving rubber trees.


Feeding Cows

"We use the COVID-19 pandemic situation to return to the Community. We gather more often together at the rectory. Aside from praying together, we are still doing something useful for the Parish, parishioners, and OMI.

"We can also pay more attention to our employees. Live and work with them, feel their joys and sorrows every day. From this solid and loving Community we will then go to proclaim the Good News to the people we serve by providing examples to them.

"Hopefully, all of us also return to the Community – i.e. our families. Pay more attention and love each other in this pandemic. When this hard time ends, we can share God's love and protection to each other. Our greetings from Sepauk to you all. L.J.C. et M.I."


(Compiled by the Website OMI Indonesia Team from a short talk with Father Carolus Adi Nugroho, OMI)

The new born calf


Veggies garden


Rubber Trees

Eugene de Mazenod

Kemampuannya dalam pewartaan injil dan bakat kepemimpinannya dalam mengarahkan berbagai Misi merupakan tanda-tanda lahir hidup batin yang menjadikan Eugene de Mazenod sebagai penjala manusia.


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