On The 198th OMI Anniversary



On 25 January 1816, St. Eugene de Mazenod with his 2 friends started living together in a community at Aix-en-Provence. They called themselves “The Missionary of Provence”. From the writing of St. Eugene de Mazenod – the Founder of OMI – bellow, the Aix-en-Provence Community gathered to pray together, remembering what happened 198 years ago:


“Tomorrow, I celebrate the anniversary of the day, sixteen years ago, I left my mother’s house to go and set up house at the Mission. Father Tempier had taken possession of it some days before. (…) My camp-bed was placed in the small passageway which leads to the library: it was then a large room used as a bedroom for Father Tempier and for one other whose name we no longer mention amongst us. It was also our community room. One lamp was all our lighting and, when it was time for bed, it was placed in the doorway to give light to all three of us. The table that adorned our refectory was one plank laid alongside another, on top pf two old barrels. We have never enjoyed the blessing of such poverty since the time we took the vow..” (St.Eugene de Mazenod – 1831).



(Contribution of Father Henricus Asodo, OMI, works at the Centre International Eugenius de Mazenod, Aix-en-Provence, France)

Eugene de Mazenod

Kemampuannya dalam pewartaan injil dan bakat kepemimpinannya dalam mengarahkan berbagai Misi merupakan tanda-tanda lahir hidup batin yang menjadikan Eugene de Mazenod sebagai penjala manusia.


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