RIP Father Jean-Pierre Meichel, OMI


Our dearest brother, Jean-Pierre Meichel

has gone to Eternity

on 16 January 2013 at the age of 76


Father Jean-Pierre Meichel was born on 30 March 1936 at Mulhouse, east of France.  He was raised in the family of 4 sisters and brothers.  Melania, his sister, and 2 other sisters named Camille and Philibert  went to Marianes Congregation, now residing at Ivory Coast (Africa) in their retirement.

Still young, Jean-Pierre met the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) from his primary school teacher, Ms. Golle, who was his guardian.  Jean-Pierre then went to Apostolic School at Augny till 1955, when he joined the OMI Novitiate at La Brosse Montceaux.

Jean-Pierre took his First Vows on 08 September 1956 and entered the OMI Scholasticate at Solignac (near Limoges, France).  He stayed at the Scholasticate until 1964, except 2 years, i.e. 1959-1961 when he joined the military service to the conflict land of Algeria. On 19 March 1964, he was ordained priest at Augny with 3 confreres of OMI Province of East France.



At the same year, he received his first mission to Lao and stayed there till 1976.  At that year, Fr. Jean-Pierre was forced to leave his mission land with all other missionaries.  After spending some months in France, he went to his new mission in Indonesia, especially in Borneo Island and later on was assigned at the capital city of the country, Jakarta.  Mission to Indonesia has a deep impression for him as he lost one of his eyes.  He left Indonesia, worked in the Diocese of Metz and later on in the Diocese of Strasbourg.  He took care the Marian Grotto at Neunkirch for 2 years before joined the OMI Strasbourg Community due to his health.  In the year 2009, he moved to Grafenbourg (Brumath), to a nursing home there.  At this place, Fr. Jean-Pierre returned to Our Father ‘s Home on 16 January 2013.

His strong and deep motivations were to introduce Jesus Christ and to spread His Good News.  These motivations animated all over his life which can be described in 2 words : ‘’Closeness’’ and ‘’Simplicity’’ in his relations with the people he met in Lao as well as in Indonesia ; in his life which was full of activities, as well as in his retired time.  Dayak People of Indonesia was his truly love, who he kept in his heart always.  Some months before the passing away of  Fr. Jean-Pierre Jardine (11 years ago) – his close friend since the Apostolic School at Augny – Fr. Jean-Pierre had a plan to visit for the last time his beloved mission field in Borneo Island and Jakarta, but due to his health condition, Fr. Jardine did not give his approval to the plan.

‘’Good and trustworthy slave, … enter into the joy of your Master.’’ (Matthew 25 :21)

On 21 January 2013, the late Fr. Jean-Pierre Meichel, OMI was buried at Neunkirch, at the cemetery of the OMI Missionaries.

Notes :

Fr. Jean-Pierre Meichel, OMI was one of the first French Oblates who came to Indonesia.  The group arrived Jakarta on 29 January 1977 and started their mission at the Diocese of Sintang since August 1977 after learning Indonesian language in Bandung for some time.

In the year 1994-1998, Fr. Jean-Pierre Meichel, OMI was sent to Jakarta to be an Assistant Priest at Trinity Parish, Cengkareng (Paroki Trinitas, Cengkareng).  He made an appropriate mapping area of the parish which is being used till date.

Rest in Peace, Fr. Jean-Pierre Meichel, OMI.  A heartfull thank you for all your tireless work for His Church in Indonesia.

(translation made freely from the Indonesian version of the same article/Website OMI Indonesia Team)

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