Anniversary of Congregation First Oblation: Some Suggestions


The General Committee of Oblate Brothers was asked to help in preparing the anniversary of the first oblation in the Congregation.

On November 1st, as we celebrate the feast of All Saints with the Uni versal Church, we will remember also that day in 1818 when, for the first time, the Missionaries of Provence took their religious vows.  In this year of the 100th anniversary of the Apostolic Exhortation Maximum illud of Pope Benedict XV, we hear this call: “I decree an Extraordinary Missionary Month in October 2019, in order to raise greater awareness of the mission ad gentes and to resume with a new impetus the missionary transformation of life and pastoral care. May the Extraordinary Missionary Month be an opportunity for intense and fruitful grace to promote initiatives and intensify prayer, the soul of every mission, in a unique way.” Pope Francis


Cardinal Fernando Filoni, in his letterto the major superiors announcing the Extraordinary Missionary Month (EMM), explains that Pope Francis’ wish is above all to enable the “communities, according to the charism properto each one, to determine, in the most appropriate and suitable forms for their faithful, the way of life and to let themselves be shaped by these dimensions with a view to a renewed conversion to the mission of Jesus.”


Having heard these various calls, the General Committee of Oblate Brothers offers some suggestions, based on the theme chosen for this extraordinary missionary month by the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS): “Baptized and sent: The Church of Christ on mission in the world”. Let us take advantage of this extraordinary month of the mission to prepare ourselves for the anniversary of the first oblation in the Congregation. Let us rediscover how much the call to embrace religious life and to commit himself through vows was an integral part of our Founder’s founding vision.

You will find some documents in the appendix: The first document is a reflection on the theme “Baptized and sent.”

It refers us to the birth certificate of our vocation which for us is already expressed in its full sense through our mission and our oblation which is to be deepened throughout our entire life. At the end of this document, you will find some questions about the harmony between our public oblation and our witness in today’s world.

Related to this first document, you will find in the appendix: a liturgical scheme to renew the christic dimension of our baptism and two texts to help us to question ourselves on: “My Mission is...”

This last question invites us to participate in the campaign “#MyMission is... and yours?” This international campaign, organized by the PMSs around the world, is being developed on social networks and begins in the pastoral field, where each baptized person, pastoral team, council, movement, family, youth group... questions themselves.

Then, everyone notes their answer on a sheet of paper, takes a picture (or video) of themselves and posts it on Facebook with the hashtags  #MaMission #MyMission by identifying online one or more people who will take up the challenge in turn.

A simple sheet of paper, a photo (or video) and internet access. Let yourself be heard! “So, what is your mission?... and tell us about it!” The second document presents the figure of Father Tempier, who is one of our roots.

We have tried to summarize some of the features of Father Tempier’s life, but you can go further. We invite, especially the Oblates in first formation, to work on these first figures that are our roots. Pope Francis consecrates the sixth chapter of his Apostolic Exhortation “Christus vivit” to the importance of roots. Already in Panama, he said, I urged them to “care for your roots, because from the roots comes the strength that is going to make you grow, flourish and bear fruit” (CV 186).

In the days leading up to the November 1st anniversary, let us take the time to organize a retreat day with a time of adoration. Like last year, where possible, a time of adoration could be organized in the Oblate community, or in one’s places of commitment, by inviting our collaborators in mission, lay associates and all those who are in touch with the Oblate charism. During this adoration, we could renew our oblation, by reactivating our baptismal consecration, because the first and most important vocation is the baptismal vocation.

To give a community and universal dimension to this moment, please notify Fr. Shanil Jayawardena at the OMI Communications Office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Indicate the day and time that your community will have chosen for this time of adoration and retreat. We will publish it on the Congregation’s website as a sign of global communion during these days.

Share with him, too, your participation in the #MyMission is... and yours? campaign.

During this extraordinary month, you can also use the rosary meditation by Pope Francis (Cf. orthe rosary meditation for Oblate vocations on the Congregation’s website.

You will also find other suggestions by connecting to the different sites of the “Pontifical Mission Societies” (PMS). Thus, you will have access to various useful documents that can be downloaded (tools and animations to live the month of the mission, message and prayer of Pope Francis, liturgical proposals, etc.):

The website is the best source of information in English, Spanish and Italian.

On the “october2019” website you will find the official guide of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples available in different languages. In the introduction, we find all the official documents of the Pope, the Congregation and theological treatises on the mission ad gentes. The first part speaks about mission as an encounter with Jesus Christ. The second presents the lives of 25 witnesses to the mission. The third offers reflections on various aspects of the Church’s mission.

There is also an explanation of the logo with the colours of the five continents and the prayer for the Extraordinary Month of Mission.

The PMSs of Francophone Canada have a good file: and for Anglophones:

Missio Switzerland has a nice website in French, German and Italian:

And many dioceses and congregations have prepared materials.

Have a good October and a good preparation for the anniversary of the first oblation in the Congregation.

The General Committee of Oblate Brothers



Eugene de Mazenod

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